Our community has been through so much with the terror attacks in our home on 15 March - and my way of dealing with it was to do what I do best. I wrote a song.
I wrote it initially to help me sort out what I was feeling but it became clear pretty quickly that other people found comfort in my song also. So here it is.
Please feel free to share it as you wish and if just one person finds comfort in my words, I’ll be happy. 🥰
I would very much like to thank everyone involved in helping produce this video- Rick Harvie, Richard Lord, Mike Kelland, Chris Sinclair, and Lauren Jalyn Kett… and Janine Turkington for her tireless navigation and support.
also my beautiful vocal coach Sasha Vee😊

A moment of honour - singing my original song "This is who we are”. This song is about the Love & Strength we share as a nation for the victims of the Mosque shootings “. Recorded at the Christchurch vigil - March 2019.

The power of love - cover by Ryan. Christchurch students organised a “March for Love” for the Muslim victims of the chch shootings - March 2019.

Liam and I having a great night at the Papanui youth centre
 - 30 Nov 2018

An original called Stalker Girl - Performance at the "Sacha Vee - Sole Academy” showcase - Oct 2018

My NCEA level one solo performance. Covering  “Naked" by James Arthur - Sept 2018

“ I'm a musician and have been singing since I was a little girl and I taught myself guitar and piano in the past 2 years.
I absolutely love busking whenever I can. I have sung at 3 weddings & a funeral (no - not a joke!) so far and am more than happy to park in the corner of your Christmas party and sing for an hour or so. "

Ryan Nicholson Plank
Christchurch, New Zealand
Ph 021 751 088